Since 2004 Silversonic Records has worked with fantastic artists of international reputation forex trading lernen like Russ Ballard, John Watts (Fischer Z), Bloodlights, Warrior Soul, DobaCaracol, Lunik, Laura Imbruglia, I Muvrini, Daniel Aminati, Xavier Cafeine, Maurice, Amstrong, Grimskunk …
Based on these releases we’ve gained coverage in nearly every important German magazine forex handeln and radio station:
1live, WDR2, SWR3, Antenne Bayern, NDR2, BR3, Radio FFH, MDR Jump, Visions, Intro, Eclipsed, Rock Hard, FAZ, SZ, spiegel.de, Brigitte just to name a few.
Besides this we are providing our skill, our platform, our partnerships and contacts for a selected group of promising new bands devisenhandel and artists as a service label.